Tyre Care & Maintenance (2)
Tread Wear Indicators
Tread wear indicators are molded into the tread so that tread wear can be evaluated visually. Tread wear indicators are generally 1 .6 mm (or 2/32 inch) high ridges at the base of the grooves which run around the circumference of the tyre.They are provided at six positions around the tyre circumference.

The minimum requirement for minimum tread depth remaining depends upon the authorities in each country concerned.

Tread Groove Depth
Tread Groove Depth (Skid Depth)
There will be a reduction in performance (particularly wet grip) as a tyre wears, nevertheless, if tyres are not damaged, they will be useable until the tread is almost worn out. This would seem to indicate that a deeper tread depth is likely to result in a longer tyre service life. However, deeper tread tyres may encounter other problems which restrict their potential service life.
For example:
  1. A deeper tread cannot quickly radiate the heat generated during high speed driving,
    so heat builds up inside, damaging the tyre.
  2. Since a deeper tread tyre is heavier than a shallower tread tyre, tyre rolling resistance
    on the heavier tyre is greater than the shallower tyre.

For these reasons, the tread groove depths of each type of tyre are designed to a depth that optimizes tyre performance for a particular application.
Generally speaking,

  1. A tyre designed for highway use has a shallower tread depth than a tyre designed for on and off road use
  2. Groove depth of a lug type tyre is deeper than a rib type tyre because a lug type tyre is required to provide more traction and/or mud performance than a rib type tyre.
Special Use tyre
Run Flat tyre
A run flat tyre can be driven up to limited mileage at reduced speed with low or zero air pressure.
The self-supporting type run flat tyre (with reinforced rubber sidewall) is popular at present.
Advantages of the self supporting system are:

  1. normal type rim can be used and
  2. even if all air pressure is lost, handling performance can be maintained.
    However as disadvantages:
  3. The tyre is heavier and ride comfort may be slightly worse than a normal tyre
  4. Rolling resistance can be higher than a normal tyre.


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