Tyre Care & Maintenance
Tyre life is mainly affected by the following factors:
Insufficient inflation pressure accelerates tyre wear by allowing the tread to flex excessively as it contacts the road.
A higher load accelerates tyre wear in much the same way as a reduction in inflation pressure does.  The tyre also wears more quickly during cornering when the vehicle is heavily loaded because the greater centrifugal force causes the vehicle to generate greater cornering force, thus generating greater friction between the tyre and road surface.
Fast driving coupled with fierce acceleration and harsh braking will reduce potential tread life, particularly over winding and cambered roads. Drivers who obtain poor fuel economy will also have poor tyre life.
This is the main cause of tread wear and the wear rate  increases very much faster than the speed around a given corner. On bends and corners the slip angle of the tyre increases.This has the same effect as misalignment and scrubs the rubber off the treads.

A 1 0% increase in cornering speed can increase the rate of tread wear by 50% when the car is cornering. Therefore contrary to popular opinion, highway driving has less effect on tread wear than driving at slower speeds on winding hilly roads.

Road surface varies in its effect on tread wear. As a general rule, rough surfaces are more abrasive than smooth ones. Stones in freshly laid surfaces have sharp edges which gradually polish off in service. Road resurfacing can be the cause of a sudden drastic reduction in the tread life for a vehicle used regularly over a fixed route.Drive wheel tyres are particularly affected.

The abrasion resistance of rubber is reduced as temperature rises. Hot dry weather can result in a rate of wear twice as rapid as cold wet conditions, which give lower running temperatures of tyres, and has the lubricating effect of water between tyre treads and the road. However, rain also has the effect of keeping the road surface clean and thus maintaining an abrasive surface leading to higher wear rates in some areas.
tyres on heavier vehicle and/or vehicle with higher horsepower engine, such as sporty cars,  wear faster than tyres on lighter vehicle and/or vehicle with lower horsepower engine.
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