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Temporary Spare tyre
Temporary Spare tyre (T Type tyre)
A temporary spare tyre (T Type tyre) is designed to save space in a luggage compartment.

It is intended only for temporary use when a standard tyre becomes flat and then, within certain specified speed limits.The outside diameter of the T type tyre is similar to that of the standard tyre, but the overall width, and tread width are smaller, and the tread and casing are thinner.

To make up for the disadvantages in load and driving performance due to its compactness, the T type tyre must be inflated to a higher pressure (4.2 bar).

The T type tyre is tubeless.

The speed limit is 80 km/h or 50 m/h.

Functions of a Tube
The use of a tube is essential in a tube type tyre because the tyre doesn’t have an impermeable rubber inner liner. Its function is to retain the internal inflation pressure without inhibiting the performance of the tyre.
The tube is a doughnut-shaped hollow rubber chamber with a valve, through which it is inflated with air.
Tubes for use in radial ply tyres must be exclusively designed for that purpose.
If a tube is used in a TUBELESS tyre, extra heat can be generated leading to tyre failure. The benefits of puncture sealing given by a tubeless tyre are lost and in the event of a puncture, will lead to instant deflation.
Functions of a Flap
The function of a flap is to protect a tube from damage by the rim. It is placed between a tube and the wheel.
It is for use in a tube type tyre.
Cross section of a flap, a tube and wheel assembled.
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