Tyre Care & Maintenance (5)
Proper Selection of Replacement tyres
Tyre Size Selection
Always refer to the vehicle owner’s manual and vehicle’s tyre information placard located on the glove box door, door edge, or door post for the correct tyre size and inflation pressure.
Replacement tyres should be selected with the same size designation as shown in the manual.
Replacement tyres may influence vehicle handling and stability, therefore;
  1. It is recommended that all four tyres have the same size, load capacity, speed rating and construction.
  2. Do not mix different tyre size designations and/or constructions on the same axle, except for the limited use of a temporary type spare tyre.
  3. Check tyre/vehicle clearance for replacement tyres and/or rims of a different size designation, particularly front tyres in full left and right turn. Refer to Table 3-1.
Tyre Rotation
Periodic tyre rotation has the effect to minimize irregular wear, provide even tyre life and
prolong their useful service life.
Before rotating tyres, check the owner’s manual for rotation recommendations for specific vehicles. If it is not available, rotate the tyres as follows every 5,000 to 10,000 kms or at any sign of uneven wear.
Tyre Storage
tyres should be stored in a cool dry place indoors, so that there is no danger of water collecting inside them. Ideally they should be kept in dark conditions but if this is not possible they should at least be protected from direct sunlight. This includes used/worn tyres. tyres should not be stored close to high ozone concentrations such as electrical generating equipment, switchgear or electric motors.
Storage locations near heating devices such as radiators or hot pipes should be avoided. tyres should be stored on clean floor surfaces, free from grease, petrochemicals or other substances that could cause rubber to deteriorate.


When white sidewall tyres or white letter tyres are stacked, care must be taken to avoid contamination between black and white rubbers, as this may produce discoloration of the white rubber during storage. tyres should be stacked ‘white side to white side’ and ‘black side to black side’.

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