Tyre Care & Maintenance (6)
Car tyre Repairs
Passenger Car tyre Repair
A damaged or punctured tyre may be repairable depending upon the nature, extent, and location of the damage, and its wear condition.
Excessive or incorrect repairs are hazardous and should never be carried out.
Guideline for tyre repairs should be based on the local safety standards or criteria published by the industry association in each country.The following criteria is one examples that is taken from the Safety Standards for Automobile tyres issued by The Japan Automobile tyre Manufacturers’ Association, inc.

tyres having any damage or defects as listed below shall not be repaired.
  1. Less than 1.6mm of tread depth remaining and/or local excessive tread wear exposing the breaker or belt.
  2. tyres with damage on shoulders, sidewalls and bead areas.
  3. tyres with any of the following types of damage
    1. extensive rubber cracking reaching the carcass
    2. separation
    3. carcass break-up or damage caused by severe under-inflation in service
    4. appreciable oil or chemical attack, or aged (perished) rubber
    5. any damage to the inner liner of a tubeless tyre
Car tyre Repairs
Passenger Car tyre Repair
tyres may be repaired if the damage does not exceed the following limitations.
  1. External damage in the rubber only, not reaching the carcass, can be repaired.
  2. Penetrated nail hole or damage can be repaired in accordance with the following criteria. Damage less that 3 mm is not always limited to this criteria.
Temporary Spare tyres

A vehicle manufacturer may supply, as original equipment, a spare tyre of different size designation and/or construction from the primary tyres. When using a compact spare tyre be sure to take the following precautions:

  1. The compact spare tyre should be replaced as soon as possible because it is designed for temporary use only.
  2. In the case of T type spare tyres, cold inflation pressure must be maintained at 4.2 kgf/c㎡ (60psi) when stored in the vehicle by checking it at least once a month.
  3. Do not attempt to use snow chains on T type spare tyres.
  4. Do not inflate rapidly because of its small size.

The vehicle user should refer to the markings on the sidewall of the tyre, and to the vehicle owner’s manual for proper use of a vehicle equipped with this type of spare tyre. Special attention must be given to the operating conditions, particularly the maximum speed.

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